Exhibitor Interview

Exhibitor Interview

Meet our main exhibitors in advance!

Business Programs

Exhibitor Recommending System

According to AI-based recommendation algorithms, help to plan business meeting with exhibitors

Business Meeting with Korea Coast Guard and Shipyards

One-on-one business meeting program with buyers from the Korea Coast Guard/Shipyard and related industries available only at Korea Ocean Expo

Provide opportunities for substantial equipment delivery and partnership engagement

Export Consultation Meeting with Overseas Coast Guards

Export consultation meeting with invited overseas Coast Guard and Export opportunity for defense and security companies

Conference Details

A two-day Public-Private Partnership(PPP) conference
will be held in Sondo ConvensiA to advance the Patrol Craft
and secure technical skills.



The theme of this year is ‘Maritime Sustainability: Innovating for a Greener Future’, and it will be anticipated that it would be great helpful to the industry, academia and research institutes by dealing and sharing opinions so that the shipbuilding and marine equipment companies can prepare and draw a sustainable future.

We would like to invite you to the event that will serve as a venue for strategic exploration and opportunity to provide insight into the industry with experts from various fields.

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